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Thursday 15 May & Thursday 22 May

Provocations for the Future of Philanthropy

Invite Only

Truscott Lounge,
Arts Centre Melbourne

In a commitment to dynamic discourse, Give It Up For Margaret will deliver a suite of in-camera discussion evenings to explore provocations around philanthropy and the arts. Over two events, a small group of curated guests will gather to talk, learn, share and debate.  This evening of “action research” will explore arts philanthropy, based around a model of collaborative thinking and open questions. The discussion will follow Chatham House rules and be moderated by an independent facilitator, Christopher Bell, Chair of St Martins Youth Arts Centre.  

Australia has a strong history of arts philanthropy, which has powerfully fuelled the ambitions of artists and arts professionals. Over the last decade there have been new developments in arts philanthropy, which are bringing exciting new opportunities but also exposing complexities. The evenings will explore the status of arts philanthropy in Australia, including consideration of ideas such as:

What are the models for arts philanthropy? What are the established models? What is emerging?

What are the shifts and changes? 

What has worked? What can we learn from this?

What has been complex or difficult? What can we learn from this? 

What is the Australian context for arts philanthropy? What has historically got us to this point? 

What are the trends around private versus public money in the arts? What are the opportunities/challenges for both? 

What are the shifts and trends in contemporary arts philanthropy? What models seem outmoded? What seems innovative or future-focused?

The research findings written by Phip Murray (Festival Curator) can be read here.